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Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning System

"Kleen-Jet Carpet/Upholstery cleaning machines are undoubtedly the finest choice for discerning cleaning professionals. Tough, reliable and effective, Kleen-Jet will resolve even your most difficult cleaning problem."

M2000 with Carpet Wand

M1000 Upholstery Cleaning

Complete Range of Chemicals,
Tools & Accessories
Kleening for the Jet Age

KLEEN-JET Carpet/Upholstery Cleaning Machines are designed to give years of fuss-free, reliable services since each component is precisely matched for maximum effectiveness and durability. Kleen-Jet's housing is made of hand-laid fiberglass that is specially reinforced at crucial areas. Its entire housing is mounted upon a solid, hinged cast aluminum base in a flip-top design to allow easy access to vital components during maintenance.

Kleen-Jet machines come with the proven 3 stage 2 h.p. vacuum motor that is side mounted for maximum efficiency and protection against overflow. The duplex diaphragm solution pumps featured in Kleen-Jet machines are renown for reliability and can run dry without damage.

The M1000 has a 50 psi auto shut off pressure pump (100 psi optional) while the M2000 features a 100 psi self cooling unit. Kleen-Jet machines also comes with concentric stainless steel heaters that can be temperature adjusted to exact requirements. The M1000 has four 3" freely rotating casters for easy mobility while the M2000 has two 7" rear stair-climbing wheels and two front 3" casters. Vacuum hoses are of the heavy duty 'crush-proof' type, while its' solution hoses are 250 psi rated and high temperature resistant.

Most other fittings on the Kleen-Jet are made of non-corroding brass or stainless steel for maximum durability. Kleen-Jet also has a wide range of accessories and attachments to fit your every cleaning requirement.

Our Kleen-Jet 4 nozzles stainless steel carpet wand and the KleenRite Upholstery Tool are amongst the most widely used attachments in the industry. In addition, KleenRite chemicals from USA has a superb range of carpet, upholstery and drapery cleaning chemicals to fit your every cleaning need. So any way you look at it, Kleen-Jet is definitely your best choice for quality reliable Carpet/Upholstery cleaning equipment.

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