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Fire Retardant Fabrics / Workwear

PROBAN� is the leading flame retardant treatment for cotton and other cellulosic fibres.

PROBAN� system imparts durable flame retardant properties to cotton by producing an invisible polymer containing phosphorus and nitrogen, inside the cotton fibres.

When flame comes into contact with PROBAN� treated cotton, an insulating char is formed with no melting, smouldering or after glow.

PROBAN� cotton retains all the essential comfort factors of untreated cotton such as air permeability and moisture transmission. PROBAN� treated fabrics do not build up static electricity.

PROBAN� flame retardant properties will not be diminished for the wearer life of the garment provided the correct care instructions are followed.

Knitted PROBAN� Cotton is the wearer friendly fabric and the best in flame retardant systems for cellulosic fibres.

After a 35 year history as the completely safe alternative, PROBAN� has protected over 40 million people from injury and death by fire since it's introduction and continues to do so today.

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